Matteo Spanio

Centro di Sonologia Computazionale.

Department of Information Engineering.


CSC lab, building DEI/S

Via Gardenigo 6/A

Padua, Italy

Hi there, I’m Matteo Spanio, Ph. D. student at the University of Padua. I’m interested in:

  • 🤖 machine learning,
  • 📡 signal processing,
  • 🎹 music.

My Ph. D. project focuses on studying deep learning methods for music generation based on cross modal perception.

I’m member of the MPAI group, the international, unaffiliated, no-profit organisation developing standards for AI-based data coding.

I’m also a musician, and I play the clarinet on a regular basis in many orchestras and ensembles (Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Orchestra del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Orchestra San Marco, Concordia Chamber Orchestra, Rossini Ensemble and many others).

To see my work, check out my projects and publications. Time permitting, I also write blog posts.


Jun 1, 2024 I will attend the 7th Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning (ACDL) from 10 to 14 june. See you there!
Sep 11, 2023 Today Dr. Alessandro Russo is presenting our new article “Enhancing Preservation and Restoration of Open Reel Audio Tapes Through Computer Vision” at the International Conference of Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2023) in Udine, see you there.
Jul 23, 2023 New blog layout is now live! It’s based on al-folio :tada:

latest posts

selected publications

  1. ICIAP2023
    Enhancing Preservation and Restoration of Open Reel Audio Tapes Through Computer Vision
    Alessandro RussoMatteo Spanio, and Sergio Canazza
    In Image Analysis and Processing - ICIAP 2023 Workshops, 2024